For authors and reviewers

By submitting one’s work for review and publication, all authors attest to, and agree to abide by, the magazine’s code of ethical conduct:

  1. The work in the paper is not published in any other form (book, book chapter, part of a book, etc.). We do not accept book summaries. If the work is published in part, or wholly, previously in a language other than English or Italian, you will need to declare this. In this case, it is up to the Editors’ judgement to proceed with the review process, or to reject the paper as non-original work.
  2. The paper is not being submitted to any other journal simultaneously.
  3. The author is fully authorized to submit the material for publication.
  4. If accepted, the paper will not be republished without the consent of the publishers.

If you have questions about the format of a submission or you wish guidance as to whether a subject is appropriate for Ardeth, please write directly to the email address

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Contribution Types

Ardeth accepts manuscripts in five submission types: Manuscripts; Visual Essays; Commentaries; Book reviews and other short contributions. Except for Visual Essays, the other four types of manuscripts are primarily text based. All essays should be grounded in relevant discourse, offer an original and critical contribution of a theoretical or a more empirical nature, and be supported by appropriate visual apparatus. The languages accepted are Italian and English. 

Peer-reviewed Contributions

Manuscripts and visual essays could be submitted (freely submitted by the authors to the editorial board) or solicited (submitted by the authors after a personal invitation of the editorial board or the guest curator, to respond to the call). Solicited pieces usually serve as leading articles of special issues. Apart from this, both kinds of the manuscript and visual essay follow the same double blind peer review process as the submitted ones.

– Manuscripts

Length must be between 3,500-4,500 words including notes, captions, and references. Manuscripts not prepared accordingly will be returned to authors and this will inevitably lead to a delay in the editorial processing of the manuscript. Images are welcome, but they must not be more than six. In case of special needs, they have to be discussed with the Editorial Board.

– Visual Essays

Ardeth welcomes visual essays that are image-based articles and specialized in the production of knowledge through images. The visual essay submission has to be composed by an original image-based production: visual elements should constitute the argumentative part of the essay, rather than support texts as examples, illustrations or additional documentation. If there is written text as an integral part of the image, it has to be of less than 1,000 words. Additionally the visual essay has to be accompanied by an abstract of 150 words.

Other Contributions


– Commentaries

Commentaries are short contributions (2,000 words maximum). Such pieces may comment on the general theme or specific contributions of the previous issue, reply to other critical pieces or build on book and conference and exhibition reviews.. Authors should contact the Editorial Board ( before submitting manuscripts of this type.

– Book Reviews and Other Short Contributions

Book reviews, conference calls, short reports will be considered for publication. Length should not exceed 1000 words as a general rule, even if the length of comparative pieces (such as combined reviews of two or more books) may be considered on a case-by-case basis.