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In the last fifteen years we witnessed a new ethnographic wave of studies that focused on practising architecture. This body of research aimed at grasping the socio-material dimension of architectural practice. They all relied on the assumption that architecture is collective but it is shared with a variety of nonhumans. These “new ethnographies” generated “thick …


Albena Yaneva


Call for Papers of ARDETH #4: Rights

The Editorial Board of ARDETH magazine launch its new Call for Papers  / La redazione della rivista ARDETH - Architectural Design Theory comunica l'uscita della nuova Call for papers

Presentation of ARDETH magazine

26 March 2018
ANSA - La Villette, Paris

Call for Papers

All issues of Ardeth are monographic and curated by a guest editor.
The project of Ardeth is being shaped and constructed through a continuing exchange between the editorial and the advisory board. Ardeth welcomes unsolicited suggestions and proposals that might stir discussion on the power of the project and architectural design theory.