#06 Spring 2020

Guest curated by Dana Cuff, Will Davis

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Incorporating contingency into our fundamental thinking about architecture contradicts the way we theorize, practice, and historicize the field. Accidents happen, yet architects rarely let chance play a role in their visions. How contingency play a role in architectural design and thinking? How designers incorporate change in their practice? The forward-facing nature of contingency scholarship, if we give it a name, may embed possible worlds that are more just, more compassionate, and more aware of the inequalities that accompany the uneven distribution of the most vital resource i our times: space. This issue began with the aim of exploring contingency thinking, and is completed from within contingent times, when nothing seems certain and contingency is less a lens than the air we breathe.


Turin, 27/07/2020

Extended deadline / Call for Papers Ardeth #8: BURN-OUT

Extended deadline September 01, 2020 / Scadenza prorogata al 01 settembre 2020
Turin, 06/07/2020

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